Why is Body Composition analysis Better and Worthwhile?

Body Composition Analysis (BCA) uses bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) technology to measure your body composition and accurately differentiate between fat mass and lean muscle mass. This is important because the human body is composed of fat, muscle, bones, organs, and fluid, all of which contribute to your weight.

Research shows that body composition (the levels of muscle and fat mass, as well as where our fat is stored) is more indicative of health status and chronic disease risk than just weight alone. Focusing on body composition rather than overall weight loss is more supportive of healthy loss and gain and overall health. Body composition allows a person to focus on reducing body fat rather than weight loss.

Knowing body composition, therefore, grants an individual more control over health and allows them to make better decisions regarding weight loss rather than detrimental ones.

Periodically getting a body composition report and coupling this with expert advice can help an individual track their progress regarding fat loss, muscle gain, water balance, and metabolic rate.

How BCA can help you reach your Medical Nutrition Therapy.

Often diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure are related to where the fat is deposited in your body. Abdominal obesity refers to visceral fat, often called ‘toxic fat around your organs. We can measure your visceral fat as part of your BCA and tailor your diet to help reduce visceral fat levels and improve metabolic health outcomes.

As we go through different life stages our body composition, nutritional requirements, and health status change. Some of the reasons may be Hormonal, Injury/Illness, Food Choices, Lifestyle, or the Ability to Exercise, which can all impact fat deposition and the ability to build or maintain lean muscle mass. This doesn’t have to be the case; by measuring and monitoring our Body Composition and optimizing our nutrition, these changes and be minimized and even improved.

Pay us a visit at DMMC Ngara for your body composition test.

Charges; Kes. 3000/- or you can take advantage of our offer in September for only Kes. 1,500/- for BCA and much more.

We will offer the following for Kes. 1500/-

1. Doctor Consultation

2. Hba1c

3. Nutrition consultation + Body composition analysis

The offer is available from12th September 2022 – 31st September 2022 on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays to all our DMMC Members (You must be in our WhatsApp group; If you are not, worry not, we will add you)

Take advantage of the offer and visit us today.

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