Diabetes is a condition that is different from most other diseases for two important reasons. First, like hypertension, it can be a “silent killer.” That is, there are few symptoms until late at which time it is usually too late to reverse the damage. Because of this lack of symptoms, people with diabetes do not give it a high priority. This is one of the reasons that diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in people less than 74 years of age, the leading cause of dialysis (using machines to replace kidney function), and the major reason for amputations of toes, feet and legs. All of this CAN BE PREVENTED if glucose levels in people with diabetes could be kept to near-normal levels.

Secondly, people with diabetes must be actively involved in its treatment. For almost all other diseases, doctors prescribe medicines and the only responsibility for the patient is to take them appropriately. Not so with diabetes!!! Patients must carefully watch their diet, exercise more often, measure their own glucoses in many cases and keep appointments in which preventive tests (e.g. Measurements of albumin leakage into the urine) and examinations (e.g. Dilated eye exams by qualified ophthalmologists) are carried out—all of this when patients feel fine. Therefore, people with diabetes must know a lot about their disease to stay motivated and to be able to make appropriate decisions that would minimize bad outcomes from this disease.

A friend to our community was concerned on How Kenyans Manage the condition! No commitment to doing even simple tasks as exercising. We challenge you today, to assess how you manage diabetes and ask yourself if you are doing it well. Rate yourself. DMRC will be here to empower you with information and other resources you will need. Share the Love♥

With devolution structures all functional, Health institutions starting right from the top offices in the county (Governors) should organize Diabetes awareness events in various health centers to sensitize the public on the disease, Importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle, Nutrition etc.

Our major concern also is the price of insulin in this country. How, for Heaven’s sake is a drug that was discovered in 1921 is not easily accessible and affordable to those who need 90 Years later? County Governments should take up the task and put mechanisms in Place for Diabetics to obtain insulin, FOR FREE or at the most affordable price.

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