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Are you in a situation that seems that no matter what you eat, you still gain weight? The hard fact is that the only way you can gain weight over time is if you take in more calories than your body is burning up. Most people gain weight because they are adding fat. If you are gaining fat, then you are eating more calories than you are using up every day. We get calories from the food we eat. Every gram of carbohydrate or protein gives us about 4 calories; every gram of fat gives us 9 calories, and every gram of alcohol gives us 7 calories. It doesn’t matter where the calories come from. If you take in 2,000 calories every day but only burn up 1,900 calories every day, then over time, that extra 100 calories will be stored as fat in your body, and you will gain weight.

How do you “burn up” calories? You use them to give your muscles fuel to move around, to keep your body warm, and to supply your heart and brain and all of your other organs with energy to stay healthy. So why does it seem as though you can gain weight no matter
what do you eat?

There are a couple of common reasons. As we get older, our metabolism changes. Remember when you were in your teens, you would go home from school and eat half a loaf of bread with jam and blue band on it (a rough estimate of about 1,000 calories!) and then have a full-course meal about an hour later. Yet you never gained the weight back then. If you eat like that nowadays, you would double in size in six months! As a teenager, when growing up you had a very active lifestyle. Now that you are fully grown, your body needs fewer calories. You have less time to exercise, and because of that, you may need to consciously eat less. You may think that you are not eating very much, but if you are gaining weight, you are probably eating more than you think or more calories than you can use up I.e. through exercising. Maybe you are taking bigger portions of food than you used to; maybe you hardly notice when you “graze” on snacks, or maybe you have started having an extra cocktail or glass of wine with your evening meal. Whatever it is, you must be sneaking extra calories into your mouth if you are gaining weight and not doing a good job of ensuring they are dispensed at the same rate.

Many people find that if they start keeping a diary and writing down every single thing they eat during the day, it becomes clear where those extra calories are coming from. Watch that, exercise and burn them down and you will make progress in weight loss.

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