Your Attitude Toward Diabetes?

In diabetes management, a good start begins with a positive attitude.

-It will motivate you to keep a daily routine of blood sugar control.
-It will make you enjoy the meals, the exercises, and the overall care.
-It is the attitude that will make your body feel at ease and energetic.
-Attitude will sustain practice and healthy life.
-It will motivate you to have a frequent checkups
-It will enable you get the most out of life

#Remember: You are the most important person in the circle of diabetes; the center of the wheel.

-Your health depends on your choice: make a wise one today

In addition, stigma and prejudice may result in worse self-care and diabetes management. People with diabetes are often made to feel entirely responsible for managing their glucose levels – despite the many factors that affect those levels that are outside of their control. In addition, worry about harsh judgments can prompt efforts to conceal basic diabetes management. For example, people with diabetes have reported avoiding social activities, injecting insulin only in public restrooms or at home (and thus delaying or omitting injections), making unhealthy food choices to avoid declining what is offered, and, when possible, manipulating glucose diaries and data to avoid judgement from significant others or healthcare professionals. 

Stigma may also inhibit people from seeking necessary care, particularly when stigma is expressed by healthcare professionals. For example, studies of mental illness have shown that anticipated stigma from healthcare professionals contributes to people’s reluctance to seek care, compromised patient-provider relationships, and early termination of treatment – it’s possible these same trends could be found in people with diabetes. Moreover, individuals who reported being blamed for their diabetes also reported a lower frequency of A1C testing and eye health checks

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