Glucometers are portable electronic blood glucose meters used at hospitals and by patients who perform SMBG (Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose). Lancing devices with disposable lancets help to obtain blood drop with minimal pain experience. The depth of the prick is adjusted depending on the skin thickness.

Glucometers measure blood glucose by using color reflectance or sensor technology.

These two principles are used

#Reflectance_photometry: A detector captures the reflected light and converts it to an electronic signal which is translated to its corresponding glucose concentration. The lower the glucose the lighter the color and vice versa.

#Amperometry/electrochemistry (biosensor technology): A biosensor is an electronic device that quantifies the number of electrons generated by the oxidation of glucose, i.e. it measures the electrical current (equal the flow of electrons)
-Using the enzyme as a catalyst, glucose is oxidized with a mediator to generate electrons

• The electrons are transferred to and counted at the electrodes

• A detector converts the resulting current to an electronic signal and translates that signal to its corresponding glucose concentration

• The number of electrons captured by the mediator is directly proportional to the amount of glucose present in the sample

• The higher the glucose the more the electrons and lower the glucose the fewer the electrons.

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